Rules & Regulations

At the Annual Membership Meeting on September 7, 2015, Members voted to amend Article VIII Dues and Assessments of the Gower Pool Bylaws.  The revised Article VIII can be found here

To better serve our members, beginning June 9, 2015, all guests are required to wear a wristband that will be provided by a lifeguard once guest fees have been paid and a Guest Registration Form completed.  As a reminder, you are responsible for your guests and their behavior, as well as your children's guests.  Thank you for your help in making our pool enjoyable for all of our members. 

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Gower Pool will no longer be administering the traditional Deep Water Swim Test.  If your child is 9 or over and unaccompanied by an adult they will be expected to follow all pool rules.  One of these rules is “Swim at your own risk.”  We will continue to provide well trained, responsible lifeguards to watch over all pool members.  If your child is 9 or over and unaccompanied by an adult and does not follow the rules of the pool then they can lose the privilege of coming alone.


If you have misplaced your copy of the current bylaws and wish to see them, click here.

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