Guppy Program

The Guppies program is for young swimmers who may not be ready for the regular swim team. The only requirement is that a child be able to swim the width of the pool in any stroke, without stopping, walking on the bottom, or being helped. There will be a Guppies tryouts event in order to test this requirement. Prior to the Guppies tryouts event, each Guppy will have the opportunity to attend several practices. Registration fees, minus $8.00 SAIL insurance fee, will be returned if there is unforeseen difficulty in achieving the Guppy swimmer's goal and/or happiness. This program is not to be considered as a substitute for swimming lessons. There is no age limit in Guppies. Guppies are part of the Gower Swim Team and are encouraged to participate in all socials and pep rallies. Guppies will participate in their own awards ceremony and receive their team gift at that time. Guppies may agree to move up to the regular swim team during the swim season based on the judgment of the coaches and the permission of the parents. For safety's sake, each Guppy needs an assigned or delegated individual to be available during each practice. Furthermore, each Guppy will need a parent volunteer to provide after practice snacks. Lastly, we love parent volunteers at meets and to assist with socials and the awards banquet-see the Guppy Mom if you are available to help.


2018 Guppy Moms: Kristen Armaly and Tricia Craddock


 2018 Guppy Coaches: 

Bruce Bannister, Head Coach

Charlotte Davis

John Etheridge

Carter Ivester

Rivers Ivester

Sloan Norwood

Jillian Schneider


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Click here for the 2018 Guppy Schedule.



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