2020 Gower Swim Team Coaches


Hi !  My name is Jack Sanders and I am currently a sophomore at Wake Forest University.  I was first introduced into the Gower family when I was five years old swimming in my first year of Gower for 14 years, finishing two years ago after graduating from Christ Church Episcopal School.  I had a blast coaching last year and I am looking forward to another great summer!  I cannot wait to help contribute to this Gower family and hope to make this summer the best it can possibly be.    GO GOWER!


Hey Y'all!  It's so good to be back!  If we haven't met yet, my name is Jackson Morrissey.  I'm a sophomore at Clemson University studying Economics.  I can't wait to get started on round two of coaching and getting to hang out with all y'all.  This summer is going to be a blast!  We will make a lot of great memories together.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.  I'm always a phone call away if you ever need anything.  GO GOWER!


Hey Y'all!  I'm Emmy Dickerson and I just finished my freshman year at the University of Alabama studying Marketing.  I've swam for Gower for six years and it's what I look forward to every summer.  I am especially looking forward to this summer and everything that it has offer.    GO GOWER!


Hey guys!  My name is  Jack Malo.  I am a rising sophomore at Furman University.  I have been a Gower swimmer for 11 summers and I am so excited to be a coach this year.  As a swimmer, I wasn't always the fastest, but often the loudest.  I played baseball in high school and I have always loved music.  The loud music and energy of Gower was always something I could never get enough of.  Love you Gower family.  I'm counting down the days until this summer.  GO GOWER!

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