2018 Gower Swim Team Coaches (Pg 2 of 2)

Kirkley Norwood

Hi! My name is Kirkley Norwood and I’ve been swimming for Gower since 2005. I started as a guppy and worked my way up to big swim team. I am a senior at Eastside High School and will attend Clemson in the fall. This is my first year coaching, and I’m so ready for it! I remember dreaming of this day when I was in 8 & under. I’ve coached Gower Guppies for two years, and I’ve helped teach stroke clinic for three years. I’m looking forward to this season and being with the Gower family. Let’s bring the cup home! Go Gower!!!  

Delaney Wannemacher

Hello friends!! My name is Delaney Wannemacher! I swam for Gower ever since I was a Guppy and having spent every summer at this pool since has taught me oh so much!! It was such a treat coaching last year I just couldn’t stay away and I am so excited for the opportunity to continue doing my dream job yet again this summer. I am currently wrapping up my first year at Loyola University of Chicago and I am looking forward to being back in the hood! I am studying Education at Loyola, in hopes of being a teacher one day (my other dream job)! This year I'm looking forward to being reunited with all of the familiar faces and to meet and work with new all of the new faces as well! GO GOWER!!!!


Cooper Shaw
Hello my name is Cooper Shaw.  I am in the 12th grade at JL Mann High School.  I have been swimming for 13 years and here are 3 interesting facts about me: 1) I'll be attending College of Charleston in the fall, 2) I love traveling, 3) I've wanted to be a Gower coach since I was a Guppy!
Kailee Morgan

Hey Gower!! My name is Kailee Morgan, and I am a senior at Christ Church. This summer will be my 13th year of being a part of the Gower family. Gower has meant so much to me throughout my time swimming here and I am super excited to be a coach this summer and bring back the cup! Go Gower!!!

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